Successful Trading Starts With Choosing the Best Brokers!

90% of All Systems Fail Because of Bad Brokers and You End Up Getting Scammed!

Broker Investigation

All our brokers are periodically tested and receive a clean bill of health by leading websites.

Speedy Withdrawals

We make sure the withdrawal process is seamless and according to the stated terms. No excuses or exceptions will be made in this case.

Customer Service

The customer service and level of support has to be above industry standards. We are looking for fast response times and professional answers by highly trained agents.

User Friendly

All trading interfaces must be easy to use and simple to understand. The brokers must have an extensive educational and FAQ section..

compatible brokers

Our integration software allows you to pick from a short and reputable list of regulated brokers only. There is no “bad decision” because all brokers are totally legit and licensed.

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Trend Indicator

Trend indicators in binary options trading operate according to moving averages. The indicator detects an average price trend for the certain asset, and assuming the current price is above that average, the asset ends up in an upward trend. If the price is below the average, the asset is set on a downward trend. Trade using the Trend Indicator with the Legit Broker software.

Stoch Indicator

The Stochastic Oscillator is used for Momentum Trading . It works by recognizing high and low trends using a Monentum scale. Trade using the Trend Indicator with the Legit Broker software for optimal results.

frequently asked


What is Legit Broker?

Legit Broker is a system which picks the best and most reputable regulated brokers. When you sign up you are assigned to one immediately.

Can I switch Brokers?

Yes its very much possible. Simply login and click on the broker tab in the panel on the right side. More options will open up for you.

What’s different about this system?

We constantly monitor the brokers on a daily basis, and if they don’t perform we rotate them out of our system. Everything happens quickly and we update our systems in real time.

I’m looking for an auto-trader, do you offer that?

Yes, it performs very nicely and can also be changed to manual signals.

Why do I need to speak to my broker?

You don’t, but it’s smart to open a direct line of communication since you will surely need to have a chat with them at some point.


Binary options has become a saturated niche with many traders looking to capitalize on a good investment opportunity. While some systems may be better than others, most emphasize what their software can do and in effect turn the automated trading tool into a get-rich-quick scheme. We have taken the reverse approach and start by putting the broker first since that is who will eventually pay you the money. The trading systems we offer complement our broker selection and integrate in a seamless fashion. So, in effect you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. An industry-leading automated trading software coupled with an outstanding broker lineup. You can’t go wrong!